In its first edition of 2017, SPFW N43 brought the theme of evolution processes, living and organic movements. It addressed the fashion made under the eyes and opinions of people, inclusive, diverse, creative and technological. Inspired by this concept, TODOS created the scenography of Natura Space, a meeting point well-known and disputed in the event.


From the new collection of metallized tones in Natura Aquarela makeup, scenography takes advantage of its colours using shades of purple and pink, sometimes in opaque, sometimes in transparent plans. These plans are structured by wooden slats, which delimit and highlight the space in the surroundings.


Scenic lighting is made with apparent tubular lamps that, together with the colored acrylic plans, counterposes with wood, making reference to the technological-natural universe approached in the event’s concept.


The space featured showcases for products, a stage for presentations and talks, a screen that showed campaign images, space for makeup and several scattered seats.


It was also created an upside down room that distorted the perspective and served as a background for photographs that were released on social networks.


In this way, a scenography that materialized the concept of SPFW N43 was created, where art and culture once again met to foster the brand’s relationship with its public.



Watch the video and see how Natura Space was built on SPFW N43. A space where shows were played, chats happened and makeup artists performed.

Project Data:

Project name: Natura Space SPFW N43

Client: Natura

Author: Todos Arquitetura

Size: 70 m²

Location: SPFW -  Bienal Parque do Ibirapuera, São Paulo - SP

Project Year: 2017

Photo: Francisco Morais