Innovation, design and sustainability were the guiding concept of the development of this product lines dor Renault Brasil. Displayed for the first time at the Casa Cor SP, the products created by Todos traveled trough Brasil awakening curiosity of those who visited the spaces of the brand.

To conceive the line of products we investigated the vocation of each part of a car, understanding the functionality to, in an unused way, create a new use.
— Maurício Arruda,Creative Director and Fouding Partner
2016-10-04- Mauricio Arruda para Renault -173.jpg

With this vision fire extinguishers became table’s legs and hydraulic jacks became shelve brackets. Seat belts won a new function as plant hangers and cushion covers that invite to chill and relax.


Also, it could not be missed a tribute to the iconic diamond shape, logo of the brand since 1943. Applied in a wallpaper the shape became a ludic texture that brings poetry to the brand’s universe.



Project Data:

Name: Garagem de Estar

Client: Renault

Autorship: Todos Arquitetura

Local: Casa Cor - Jockei Club, São Paulo - SP

Year of Conclusion: 2016

Photos: Lufe Gomes