Beloved by the French people since 1989, Renault is now in several countries delivering technology, design and opportunities wherever it goes. 

The Garage Living project was built to tell a little the history of the brand. These spaces, full of innovation and design, were assembled in the main editions of Casa Cor Brazil.
— Fábio Mota, executive director of TODOS

In Sao Paulo, this space was created by TODOS. It was developed to receive activities such as lectures and debates about innovation and design and it was elaborated in a flexible and very creative way. Several products inspired on parts of the brand's cars emphasize the playful atmosphere. 


The space received a large bright screen at the back. It was built with Tensoflex, highlighting the hangers, made with seatbelts, and the abundant green of the Amazonian ferns. 

On the right side there is a comfortable modular sofa from Ovo, where guests for the debates and interviews will seat.


The side tables made with fire extinguishers are used as support. 

On the opposite side, a big rack made with hydraulic jacks gets more green in addition to the books and two TVs that will broadcast the creation and production  process of these items. 


Project Data:

Project name:  Garage Living Renault

Client: Renault

 Author: Todos Arquitetura

Size: 22 m²

Location: Casa Cor - Jockei Club, São Paulo - SP

 Project Year: 2016

Photo: André Klotz