With almost 400 hotels around the world, Novotel launched a contest to choose the new layout of the rooms for the renovation of its buildings. Among the five offices invited to participate on it, TODOS represented Brazil with modern, cozy and super comfortable spaces.

There were three levels of intervention to the contest: the complete renovation is installed for 15 years, after five years, a small renovation takes place, and five years later, a medium renovation is made. 


The office tried to give the hotel room a more personalized ambience, which created a connection with the guests to make their stay an interactive and pleasant experience for them. For that, when the person books the room, he/she sets his/her preferences of reading, music and decoration.


In the new concept, the rooms are characterized by multifunctional and timeless solutions to be adapted for any kind of necessity: more formal, more comfortable, or more intimate settings. Furthermore, the layouts have a sustainable system for the whole project. Some of them, exceptionally, also have an option to connect the guests, through a previous registration, to play their playlist compatible with their smartphones. 


Project Data:

Project name:  Concurso Novotel

Client: Accor

Author: Todos Arquitetura. Co-autoria: Guto Requena

Size: 22,80 m²

Location: Vila Madalena

Project Year: 2014