With almost six decades of history, Carrera – a role model when it comes to sunglasses – chose a space in Vila Mariana, in Sao Paulo, to be its headquarters during the World Cup 2014. For a month, from June 12 to July 13, several people invited by the brand walked around the rooms and had fun watching the fierce disputes and tough games.


A bleacher structured with wooden pallets covered by black pads was set to snuggle visitors during the screenings of the championship games. Another strength of the project was a timeline created by the brand that shows the history of the World Cups since 1954 in parallel with the most memorable moments of Carrera. 7 x 1 for style! 


The Arena Carrera was completely designed based on the brand's identities, such as red brushstrokes on the walls and in most of the furniture and the honeycomb shelf that displays the sunglasses models – that could also be bought by the guests.

In the main lounge, iconic items set the decor, such as the Charles Eames' stool. The foosball table attracted soccer fans and created a more relaxed atmosphere.


Project Data:

Project name: Espaço Carrera

Client: Agência Nossa

 Author: Todos Arquitetura. Co-autoria: Guto Requena

Size: 483,30 m²

Location: Rua Girassol, 115, Vila Madalena, São Paulo -SP

 Project Year: 2014

Photo: Andre Klotz