Natura is one of the biggest and most beloved cosmetics companies in Brazil and it spreads creativity and beauty around the world through its three makeup brands. 


The company supported the Rio Moda Rio project with Natura Aquarela. It was more than a fashion event; it was a space to meet and celebrate beauty in Rio de Janeiro.

In the really busy space created for this event, there were several concerts and chats and it was the best place to try a lot of makeup. 


Using the concept of celebration, movement, and femininity, the space brings circular shapes, vibrant colors and lightness through its shapes and materials


The circular structures are multifunctional and can be used as a stage for concerts, mirrors for makeup, display for products of the brand. Hanging on the ceiling, there are lamps that resemble delicate confetti. 


A big video wall fills the space with color and beauty with the last clicks made for the brand campaign.

And last, but not least, big fringe curtains close all the space. The best poetical reference to the fashion world.


Project Data:

Project name: Natura Space

Client: Natura

 Author: Todos Arquitetura

Size: 90 m²

Location: Rio Moda Rio -  Pier Mauá, Rio de Janeiro - RJ

 Project Year: 2016

Photo: Lufe Gomes