With 200 square meters (2152 square feet) and many years of history, this apartment located in the Higienópolis neighborhood, in Sao Paulo, was built in the 50s and it had never been remodeled before.

The main guideline of the project was to connect the rooms and make them broader, since the owners are a couple that loves to have guests and to be free to modify the layout of the furniture from time to time, in order to change their routine.

The remodeling brought a feeling of lightness and spontaneity to the apartment that has become a flexible loft, keeping the history of the property alive with the use of family objects, such as Thonet armchairs, a vintage sofa and oriental rugs.
— Maurício Arruda, creative director

 One of the most fresh aspects of the decoration is Maurício Arruda's furniture, that is represented by the Pallet chair, the Andorinha table and the furniture from Linha José.

To achieve fluidity and ergonomics, a big integrated area comprises a living room, a dining/pool room, a home, a library and a kitchen. Besides, Maurício started an almost “archaeological” process leaving original materials visible, such as concrete, wood and stone, that now contrast with the ipe wood floor that had previously been covered by a big carpet. 


Project Data:

Project name:  Maranhão home

 Author: Todos Arquitetura

Size: 229,10 m²

Location: Higienópolis, São Paulo - SP

 Project Year: 2012

Photo: Victor Affaro