Located at Vila Madalena, the 135m² duplex tells the history of the young residents that made this space their refuge with a house-vibe in the heart of the city.


On its two levels, the spaces were designed to be flexible and integrated, allowing a lighter and fluid living. At the first floor, kitchen, dining room and living room are the social areas of the apartment. The highlight is the big yellow dinner table with industrial design. This energetic style can also be seen on the kitchen where the balcony, walls and ceiling are coated in white tiles.


Hugged by the original concrete structure of the building, the living room is connected with the kitchen and dinner room. The linear concrete bench on the wall reinforces this integration and works as a stage for all the art objects, childhood memories and “garimpo” made in the couple’s trips around the world.


Going up the spiral stairs with neon lighting above it, you reach a library made not only by books but with memories from the residents. This space gives access to the master bedroom and two terraces filled with natural light and green.


The landscaping present not only on the terrace but all over the project is one of the main characters of the history told by the apartment. Passion of one of the residents, plants gives the apartment life and reinforces the feeling of being in a country-side house, dissolving the limits between urban and nature.


Project Data:

Name: Apartamento Harmonia

Interior Architecture: Why Design
Interior Design and Decoration: Todos Arquitetura

Area: 135 m²

Local: Vila Madalena, São Paulo - SP

Year of Conclusion: 2011

Photos: Lufe Gomes