Cinex, located in the heights of Serra Gaúcha, develops furniture accessories, doors for furniture and room dividers with the latest technology.

In 2014, the brand expanded its expertise and created Abito, which sells products such as dividers, interior doors, covering for furniture and signaling of environments to the end consumer. Everything is made with the purpose of providing innovative and multifunctional spaces. 


To bring life to the launch campaign of the brand, a set design inspired on the offices of advertising companies was created. The items included in the portfolio of Abito filled the spaces with functional and contemporary settings that would be shot to feed the catalog and printed media.


The house of the owner of the brand was used as a stage to hold the scenarios that received a sober pantone with color spots applied on the furniture. On the lower floor, the reception desk and the working areas were a mix between the contemporary and the industrial aesthetics. The meeting room, on the upper floor, received a modern design that contrasts with part of the vintage furniture that was used on the creation of the rooms.


Project Data:

Project name: Abito Ufficio

Client: Abito

 Author: Mauricio Arruda Design

 Project Year: 2012

Photo: Gianni Antoniali