The Project of the 140m² penthouse apartment had the premise of space flexibility and integration specially between indoor and outdoor areas.

Blurring the frontiers between spaces and bringing some green indoors were the guiding lines to the reform that also transformed part of the terrace area for a better displacement of the layout.


Owner of an art gallery, the resident needed space to display the several works of art. In this way the layout, walls and illumination were designed to highlight this items.

The layout was designed to the spaces: master bedroom with home office space, kitchen and living room, washroom and a generous outdoor area.


The floor made of demolition wood was applied all over the apartment reinforcing the idea of an integrated and flexible space.

The outside area has a privileged view of São Paulo's skyline, framed by a wall garden, benches and a deck.


The living room was designed predicting total flexibility of the furniture, reinforced by the modular couch that is constantly moved by the residents. The compact kitchen was intended to be a welcoming space, using a multifunctional bookshelf and balcony as the division element with the living room.


The laundry area is disguised as a wardrobe when closed, being part of the social part of the apartment without visual impact.


At the couple’s bedroom the three functions sleep, work and chill coexist in harmony allowing the space to be shared by both of them simultaneously.


The furniture curatorship is a mix of art elements and Brazilian crafts with renowned pieces like the Mole armchair by Sergio Rodrigues and specially the personal art collection of the residents with works of art from Tarsila do Amaral, Candido Portinari, Burle Marx, Iberê Camargo and Picasso.

planta clodomiro-Layout1.jpg

Project Data:

Name: Apartamento Clodmiro

Autorship: Todos Arquitetura

Area: 140 m²

Local: São Paulo - SP

Year of Conclusion: 2017

Photos: Lufe Gomes