Light and excitement! These were the words that guided us during the development of the space concept of Brilia, the official lighting supplier of Casa Cor 2016.  

Instead of creating a showroom, we decided to explore an unusual space in a way that it was possible to use light to move the audience that passed there
— Fábio Mota, executive director of TODOS

The intervention was inspired by artists that work with light in a creative and poetical way, such as the British artist James Turrel, and it was installed in a pretty staircase with more than 4 meters of height. 

This unlikely space was turned into a mirrored immersive tunnel. It creates an intriguing reflection game, where a “sky” was filled with light bulbs that looked like an infinite universe.


Behind this constellation made by approximately 500 LED light bulbs is a complex setting of color shades, light intensity and movement.

Besides, infrared sensors installed on the sides of the stairs can detect the movement of the crowd, exposing the logo of the brand through the ribbon LED hidden behind the mirror.

Here, the interior design becomes art installation, thought to move people and create memories.   


Project Data:

Project name: Stairs of lights

Client: Brilia

 Author: Todos Arquitetura

Size: 10 m²

Location: Casa Cor - Jockei Club, São Paulo - SP

 Project Year: 2016

Photo: André Klotz