Questioning the traditional signs of the hospitality universe, Todos Arquitetura participated on an international contest organized by Accor Paris designing a new concept of space capable of changing the traveling experience for the Young Minded Traveler.

Focusing on the millennium minded (a free curious spirit looking forward everything that is new) who believes the meaning of travelling is more than just sightseeing touristic points, it means to explore, have authenticexperiences,  create relationships and truly merge itself into a new culture.


With the “hacking Experience” concept that was proposed, the project take the best of the existing hospitality model but looks forward for what’s new, transforming the hospitality experience.
— Fábio Mota, Founding Partner and Executive Director.

The old lobby goes from private and guest-only space to a hybrid living space where the city is welcome. This space with many functions and uses received a Brazilian open-market vibe, bringing happiness, carefreeness and movement for everybody in the place.


A once traditional reception becomes a vibrant bar and cool living space. Here, the feeling is being on a public square where industrial and urban language creates the perfect environment for interaction.



The restaurant makes a ludic reference to the Brazilian culture ,tropical forest, beauty and myths. The hotel also has a kitchen that guests can use where the street food language is represented in mobile food-carts.

CAM005 - V04.JPG

Rooms were re-imagined as PODS in the form of giant concrete tubes, and the collective rooms count on appropriable surfaces that change and configure a free space.


At the bathrooms responsive technology alerts the guests about the water consume levels with lights and colors.

CAM007 - V04.JPG

The circulation areas are more than just passages and contain a wide program of services and events, even artistic installations that stimulates the 5 senses creating unforgettable experiences for the guests.


Project Data

Name: B Hostel

Client: Accor Paris

Autorship: Todos Arquitetura

Year of Conclusion: 2016

Images: Todos Arquitetura