Abito, the newest member of the Cinex Group, was created to expand the brand's portfolio and sell products that go beyond furniture accessories, such as dividers, interior doors, covering for furnishings and signaling of environments. The new sales channel's expertise is longstanding in the Cinex Group - aluminum and glass.


Several set designs that simulated a home were assembled for the photos of the launching catalogue of the brand. In opposition to the Abito Office, the products of the brand were also used in contemporary residential compositions, as shown on the dividers and panels in the spaces.

The idea was to build a house that didn’t look like an ambience, less corporate and more residential, with warm finishes, lots of textures and a nice lighting concept.
— Maurício Arruda, responsible for the project

Practically all the furniture used in the scenarios were transported from Sao Paulo to Bento Goncalves, in Rio de Grande do Sul, exclusively for the production and residence, stage of the spaces, was rented by the brand for a week so that all the pictures of the advertising campaign were perfectly taken. 


Project Data:

Project name: Abito Casa

Client: Abito

 Author: Mauricio Arruda Design

 Project Year: 2012

Photo: Gianni Antoniali